2016 Award Winners

Professional Division

Best of Show: Chip Liebel,  “Black Hills Crossing”
People’s Choice Award:  Darice Taylor, “Walking With Elephants”
Most Innovative Award (selected by Tru Blue White):  Darla Hueske, “Electric   Light Switch”

Acrylic Painting
1st Cherie Roshau, “Early Snow”
2nd Marie Snavely, “Sunrise, Sunset”
3rd Rhonda Walter-Frojen, “Patterns #2”
Honorable Mentions:  Kim Renner, “Let’s Play” and “Curious”; Rhonda Walter-Frojen, “Patterns #1”

Mixed Media Painting
1st Darice Taylor, “The Perfect Storm”
2nd Bob Thomas, “Brass Tea Pot”
3rd Darice Taylor, “No Greater Love”
Honorable Mentions:  Chip Liebel, “Spirit Shield”; Linda Renaud, “Lady in Waiting”; Jessica Rockeman, “The Last King of Scotland”; Cherie Roshau, “Dakota Landscape”; Tina Schloss, “The Sky is the Limit”

Oil Painting
1st Darice Taylor, “Walking With Elephants”
2nd Larry Maslowski, “McDonald Creek”
3rd Kim Renner, “Faith, Hope, and Love”
Honorable Mentions:  Daphne Clark, “Young Blood”; Clara Fleming, “Water’s Edge”; Larry Maslowski, “Nassau Lighthouse”; Kim Renner, “Rainy Day Blues”

Pastel Painting
1st Chip Liebel,  “Black Hills Crossing”
2nd Melissa Gordon, “Tiger”
3rd Melissa Gordon, “Aztec Dancer
Honorable Mentions: Daphne Clark, “Lonesome Blues,” “Cutting Calves” and “Without a Band”

Watercolor Painting
1st Linda Renaud, “Young Lion”
2nd Linda Renaud, “Mama Mia”
3rd Linda Renaud, “Hummer”
Honorable Mentions:  Barbara Feldmann, “No Intelligent Design?”; Cris Fulton, “Dakota Daydream”; Laura Nader May, “Thinking of Kipling”; Sara Welk Anderson, “Aspen”

1st Donovan Slag, “Dale and Tiffy”
2nd Josh Reed, “Self Portrait”
3rd Cherie Roshau, “Rodeo Ponies”
Honorable Mentions:  Sarah Jellema, “Abstract #1”; Julie Lawhead, “Just Believe”; Tina Schloss, “Untitled”

1st Jack Lefor, “House on the Hill”
2nd Darla Hueske, “Electric Outlet”
3rd R. J. Burns, “B 17”
Honorable Mentions: R. J. Burns, “Wheat Field” and “Harvest Truck”; Darla Hueske, “Galvanized Metal Milk Pail”; Daniel Kessel, “Sunflower Lullaby”; Cherie Roshau, “Grace for Our Eyes”; Bob Thomas, “Old Camera”

Dimensional Art
1st Sarah Snavely, “Out Cold”
2nd Julie Schuster, “Bowl and Pitcher”
3rd Andrew McGarva, “Whiskey Decanter”
Honorable Mentions:  Marlene Biondo, “untitled”; Edward Elkins, “Birds Meet Bison”; Mary Lovell, “Joined #2”; Andrew McGarva, “Nesting Bowls; Sarah Snavely, “Afghan Hound”

Amateur Division

The Amateur Division was not divided into categories; prizes were awarded to six overall winners by judge Michael Dunn.

1st: LuAnn Senescall, “On the Town,” watercolor painting
2nd: Sally Herauf, “Serenity,” photograph
3rd: Cheryl Rachov, “Buffalo, Badlands, and Balloons,” photograph
4th: Haley Conlon, “Eye,” watercolor painting
5th: Rita Becker, “Hurrying Home,” oil painting
6th: Michelle Gott Becker, “Silent Satellite,” acrylic painting

Honorable Mentions:
Rita Becker, “This Old Barn,” oil painting
Dean Rummel, “Spring Meadowlark,” photograph
Carla Rustad, “Still,” mixed media
Marcia Sickler, “Morning Flight,” watercolor painting
Bonnie Smith, “To the Rescue #1,” photograph
Bonnie Smith, “Through the Mirror,” photograph
Austin Stockert, “Wheelie Fun,” photograph
Henry Weitz, “Bison in the Sage,” photograph

People’s Choice Award

LuAnn Senescall, “On the Town,” watercolor painting