2019 Award Winners

The 49th Annual Badlands Art Show, November 10 – 12, 2019.
Ramada Grand Dakota Lodge, Dickinson, North Dakota.
The judge for the show was Jennifer Wheeler, Art Department Coordinator and Director of Exhibitions at Dawson Community College.

The Badlands Art Association dedicated the 2019 Show to Beverly Haas. Beverly has been a member of the Badlands Art Association for over 40 years, joining founding members, Jan Plott, Jackie Church, Jack Stewart, and Dennis Navart. Over the years, Bev served as a BAA officer in many different roles and in participated in many different BAA functions. Over the years, Bev has won many ribbons and awards in a variety of art shows.

49th Annual BAA Award Winners


1st place – “Dakota Thunder” by Cherie Roshau
2nd place – “Do Not Enter” by Anthony Nelson
3rd place – “Lakota Blessing” by Kim Renner
Honorable Mention – Cameron Brown, Chris Herold, Laureen Evans, Cherie Roshau, Anthony Nelson, Kim Renner.

1st place – “Globe II” by Ian Mabry
2nd place – “Untitled II” by Julie Schuster
3rd place – “Around II” by Ian Mabry
Honorable Mention – 2 different submissions by Julie Schuster

1st place – “The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret” by Parker J. Anderson
2nd place – “Kevin” by Anthony Nelson
3rd place – “Thought Clouds” by Donovan Slag
Honorable Mention – Cheyenne Hansen (2), Tina Schloss, Parker J Anderson

1st place – “Sunday Morning” by Janelle Stoneking
2nd place – “Whaling Out” by Scott Gordon
3rd place – “Bob Dylan” by Aaron Anderson
Honorable Mention – Heather Adam, Bob Thomas, Daphne Clark, Tina Schloss

OIL: (the largest category in the show)
1st place – “Memories” by Daphne Clark
2nd place – “Composition in Purple” by Anthony Nelson
3rd place – “Poinsettias and Oranges” by Laureen Evans
Honorable Mention – Larry Maslowski, Darice Taylor, Carol Retterath, Marcia Sickler, Beverly Haas

1st place – “Alexis” by Barbara Nechiporenka
2nd place – “Derby Dreams” by Marcia Sickler
3rd place – “Ellie” by Daphne Clark
Honorable Mention – Beverly Haas, Marcia Sickler, Barbara Nechiporenka

1st place – “Walking to Work” by Jason Galonski
2nd place – “Twirling at Sunset” by Sabrina Dolezal
3rd place – “Binek Coal Mine” by Bob Thomas.
Honorable Mention – Jessi Johnson, Austin Stockert, Marie Kenitzer

1st place – “Harmony in Green: Plains” by Anthony Nelson
2nd place – “Sun Break” by Laureen Evans
3rd place – “Old Days” by Beverly Haas.
Honorable Mention Bob Thomas, Chris Fulton, Laureen Evans, Sara Welk-Anderson

Best of Show, Professional Division “Sunday Morning” by Janelle Stoneking.

Most Innovative Award  Aaron Anderson for his overall body of artwork in the show.

People’s Choice Award (voted on by the viewing public and considered to be a very special award by all artists) – “Dakota Thunder” by local artist Cherie Roshau.


1st place – “Untitled Vase I” by Twig Zahn
2nd place – “Pitcher” by Samantha Wohletz
3rd place – “Teapot” by Samantha Wohletz
Honorable Mention – Keisha Sparks, Twig Zahn, Samantha Wohletz

1st place and Best of Show – “Forgotten” by Carla Rustad
2nd place – “Sierra” by Janell Tachenko
3rd place – “Got Your Back” by Debra Kahn
Honorable Mention – Lisa Tuhy, Kristen Porter, Sasha Quijano-Edwards


Complete Listing of 2019 Student Award Winners can be found here http://badlandsarts.com/2019-baa-student-art-show-award-winners/