BAA Award Winners 51st Annual Art Show

The Badlands Art Association is pleased to announce the award winners in both the Professional and Amateur divisions of the 51st Annual Fall Extraganza of Art.

In the Professional division artist competed  for first, second, third and honorable choice ribbons and prizes in eight  categories: acrylic painting, dimensional art, drawing, mixed media, pastel painting, watercolor painting, oil painting and photography.

In the acrylic category, first place was awarded to Tresa R. Griffin “Ferris Ulvent, the Norwegian Husky”, second and place was awarded to Cherie Roshau for “Zander the Rooster with an Attitude”, and “Badlands Royalty”.

Earning honorable mention ribbons were Helen Campbell “A Time to Reflect”, Tresa R. Griffin “Meet Otto”, Ryan Schaefer “Happy Place”, LuAnn Senescall “Keegan’s Flowers”, Cameron Brown “Tickets to My Downfall”, Janelle Brackel “Lake Tschida Bluff”, Tresa R. Griffin “The Witch’s Eye”, Elizabeth Henderson “Sail After the Storm”, and Cherie Roshau “Sacagawea with Lewis and Clark”.

Dimensional art ribbon awardees were, first place Twig Zahn “#43 vase”, second and third place Gretchen Peterson “Blue Bird Box” and “Joey Sackanickels”, an honorable mention ribbon to Twig Zahn for “#34 Vase”.

First place ribbon in drawing was awarded to Derek Huether “Angelia”, second to Jamie Karsky “Ready to Go”, and third to Donovan Slag “Clair de Lune”, with honorable mention ribbons going to Bob Thomas “Guardian Angel”, Antony Nelson “Coming Out of the Dark”, and Jamie Karsky “On the Bit”.

In the mixed media category first and second place ribbons were given to Janelle Stoneking for “Resilience” and  “Doll”, Aaron Anderson won third place with “Furcifer” and honorable mention ribbons were given to Tina Schloss “In the Window”, and Weston Voss “The Day the World Changed”.

Oil painting the first-place ribbon was awarded to Larry Maslowski “Copper and Apples”, second place Antony Nelson “American Kestrel”, and third place to Daphne Clark “A Girl and Her Dog”. Honorable mentions were given to Heather Adam “The Prairie Mood”, Larry Maslowski “July 4th, 2118”, and Carol Retterath “A Day in Medora”.

Pastel painting first place ribbon was awarded to Marcia Sickler “Amazing Grace”, second place to Barbara Nechiporenko “Prairie Road”, and third place to Daphne Clark “Grace”.

Photography ribbon awardees were, first place Austin Stockert “Avatar”, second Carla Leland “Away to Me”, and third place to Rachel Malelky Teller of Stories”. Honorable mention ribbons were given to Sabrina Dolezal “Timeless Freedom”, Carla Leland “Light ‘er Up”, Bob Thomas “Foggy Friday” and Austin Stockert “17th and Lafayette”.

In the watercolor category first place  was awarded to Carla Rustad “Faithful”, Cameron Brown “King of the Prairie”, and third place LuAnn Senescall “Tiny Town”. Honorable mentions went to Antony Brown “6 Sails”, and Cameron Brown “Cone Flower”. Best of Show in the Professional division was awarded to Janelle Stoneking “Resilience”.

Amateur division consisted of five categories: dimensional art, drawing/ pastel, painting, mixed media, and photography.

Ribbons in dimensional art were first place Kirk Maize “Big Leaf Maple Vase”, Samantha Wohletz “Bowl”, Keisha Sparks “Belongs to a FCS Teacher”, and honorable mention to Rebecca Ferderer “Love Unadulterated”.

In drawing/pastel Linda Maize was first place with “Falls Palette”, second was Hannah Hardy “Avocado”, third was Crystal Fahlsing “The Sassy Bossy”, and Natalie Gessele won honorable mention ribbons for “Little Joe” Cartwright”, and “Ballerina I”.

The awardees in mixed media were first place Martie Kenitzer “Bloom”, Mark Reis “Happy Holidays to All”, third place Tyler Patterson “Teddy’s Park”, and honorable mention to Linda Maize “Sunflower Vase”.

Painting award winners were first place Hannah Hardy “Still Life”, second Kathleen Stromstad “Anda”, and third Kent Van Ells “Swans by the Palace”. Honorable mention ribbons were awarded to Judith Johnson “Spring Thaw”, Steve Yost “Mr. Rabbit”, Kent Van Ells “Giant”, Kirsten Schmitt “Americas First Motorcycle”, Kathleen Stromstad “The Lone Tree”, Mary Helfrich “Glory”, Chantel Fugere “ Go with the Flow”, Jessica Dukart “Opposites Attract”, and James Cannata “Morning Peaks”.

In photography Dayna Blauer was first with “Our Happy Place”, second Briana Papineau “Flow and Flourish”, and third Ruth Heley “Makoshika Shadows”. Honorable mention ribbons were awarded to; Carrie Kovask “Road Less Traveled”, Kristen Schmitt “Attitude”, Amanda Wright “Twisted Tree”, and Jen Wyckoff “Teedie’s Retreat”.

Women Impowering Women awarded the amateur ribbon to Chantel Fugere “ Mint Jelly Dream”.

The judges best of show Amateur division was awarded to Hannah Hardy for “Portrait”.