2016 Award Winners

2016 We Celebrated Our 46th Annual Art Show!

November 11 – 13, 2016
Ramada Grand Dakota Lodge – Dickinson, ND

Fargo artist Michael Dunn was the judge for the 2016 BAA show. As an added bonus, Dunn offered three mini workshops and demonstrations throughout the day on Saturday, November 12.

Thanks to a grant from the ND Council on the Arts, Dunn lead a one-hour watercolor workshop for elementary students and then a 1-½ hour watercolor workshop for junior and senior high students. He also held a demonstration for adults.

New Additions to the 2016 show

A new amateur division was added for this year’s show. In 2016, the show offered three divisions: student, amateur, and professional.

Professional Division

Best of Show: Chip Liebel,  “Black Hills Crossing”
People’s Choice Award:  Darice Taylor, “Walking With Elephants”
Most Innovative Award (selected by Tru Blue White):  Darla Hueske, “Electric   Light Switch”

Acrylic Painting
1st Cherie Roshau, “Early Snow”
2nd Marie Snavely, “Sunrise, Sunset”
3rd Rhonda Walter-Frojen, “Patterns #2”
Honorable Mentions:  Kim Renner, “Let’s Play” and “Curious”; Rhonda Walter-Frojen, “Patterns #1”

Mixed Media Painting
1st Darice Taylor, “The Perfect Storm”
2nd Bob Thomas, “Brass Tea Pot”
3rd Darice Taylor, “No Greater Love”
Honorable Mentions:  Chip Liebel, “Spirit Shield”; Linda Renaud, “Lady in Waiting”; Jessica Rockeman, “The Last King of Scotland”; Cherie Roshau, “Dakota Landscape”; Tina Schloss, “The Sky is the Limit”

Oil Painting
1st Darice Taylor, “Walking With Elephants”
2nd Larry Maslowski, “McDonald Creek”
3rd Kim Renner, “Faith, Hope, and Love”
Honorable Mentions:  Daphne Clark, “Young Blood”; Clara Fleming, “Water’s Edge”; Larry Maslowski, “Nassau Lighthouse”; Kim Renner, “Rainy Day Blues”

Pastel Painting
1st Chip Liebel,  “Black Hills Crossing”
2nd Melissa Gordon, “Tiger”
3rd Melissa Gordon, “Aztec Dancer
Honorable Mentions: Daphne Clark, “Lonesome Blues,” “Cutting Calves” and “Without a Band”

Watercolor Painting
1st Linda Renaud, “Young Lion”
2nd Linda Renaud, “Mama Mia”
3rd Linda Renaud, “Hummer”
Honorable Mentions:  Barbara Feldmann, “No Intelligent Design?”; Cris Fulton, “Dakota Daydream”; Laura Nader May, “Thinking of Kipling”; Sara Welk Anderson, “Aspen”

1st Donovan Slag, “Dale and Tiffy”
2nd Josh Reed, “Self Portrait”
3rd Cherie Roshau, “Rodeo Ponies”
Honorable Mentions:  Sarah Jellema, “Abstract #1”; Julie Lawhead, “Just Believe”; Tina Schloss, “Untitled”

1st Jack Lefor, “House on the Hill”
2nd Darla Hueske, “Electric Outlet”
3rd R. J. Burns, “B 17”
Honorable Mentions: R. J. Burns, “Wheat Field” and “Harvest Truck”; Darla Hueske, “Galvanized Metal Milk Pail”; Daniel Kessel, “Sunflower Lullaby”; Cherie Roshau, “Grace for Our Eyes”; Bob Thomas, “Old Camera”

Dimensional Art
1st Sarah Snavely, “Out Cold”
2nd Julie Schuster, “Bowl and Pitcher”
3rd Andrew McGarva, “Whiskey Decanter”
Honorable Mentions:  Marlene Biondo, “untitled”; Edward Elkins, “Birds Meet Bison”; Mary Lovell, “Joined #2”; Andrew McGarva, “Nesting Bowls; Sarah Snavely, “Afghan Hound”

Amateur Division

The Amateur Division was not divided into categories; prizes were awarded to six overall winners by judge Michael Dunn.

1st: LuAnn Senescall, “On the Town,” watercolor painting
2nd: Sally Herauf, “Serenity,” photograph
3rd: Cheryl Rachov, “Buffalo, Badlands, and Balloons,” photograph
4th: Haley Conlon, “Eye,” watercolor painting
5th: Rita Becker, “Hurrying Home,” oil painting
6th: Michelle Gott Becker, “Silent Satellite,” acrylic painting

Honorable Mentions:
Rita Becker, “This Old Barn,” oil painting
Dean Rummel, “Spring Meadowlark,” photograph
Carla Rustad, “Still,” mixed media
Marcia Sickler, “Morning Flight,” watercolor painting
Bonnie Smith, “To the Rescue #1,” photograph
Bonnie Smith, “Through the Mirror,” photograph
Austin Stockert, “Wheelie Fun,” photograph
Henry Weitz, “Bison in the Sage,” photograph

People’s Choice Award

LuAnn Senescall, “On the Town,” watercolor painting