Exhibition Rules

The Badlands Art Show is an open show.  An “open” show means that you do not have to pass a judge to get in the show. You must submit an ENTRY FORM prior to the show to have your work entered into the show.
The Badlands Art Association is a small group; this is our major event for the year.  We do the show in order to offer artists of all abilities the opportunity to showcase their work and to give the public a chance to see the wide range of art being created in our area.

Student Division

The student show is organized by our local elementary, middle, and high school art teachers. Students may enter 2 pieces of art work in the student section, grades K-3, 4-6, 7-9 and 10-12. Entry fees are $1 per piece entered. For student entry forms contact: Jon Ross jon.ross@k12.nd.us Phone: 701/833-5544.

Artist Division

Anyone over age 15 is eligible to enter up to six works of art in the Professional or Amateur divisions.  An Entry Fee will be charged per item entered, $7 for Professional and $5 for Amateur. Work deemed inappropriate for this exhibit will not be hung.  Final decision for hanging will be the Registrar’s.

To the Artists

    • All works must be created by you, the artist.
    • You must submit an Entry Form listing the artwork that you intend to enter. prior to the show.
    • No kits, patterns or prints are allowed.
    • Copies and works created under instruction (a workshop or other) are permitted – BUT MUST BE LABELLED AS SUCH.
      How to do this?
      A copy (often of a famous work) might read,
      Title:  Mona Lisa (after Michelangelo).
      Artist line: Your name as the artist.
      A work created “under instruction” – most often a workshop – would be titled “Whatever Title Name” (with Name of Instructor).

        For example:
        Title: “Landscape” (with Sam Coleman)
        Artist: Your full name

      If you have questions about this, please contact the show chairperson, Jan Stromsborg, email: jan.stromsborg@k12.nd.us

Eight Categories

(For Professional Division Only. Please indicate on your entry form and on the label for each piece.)

  1. DIMENSIONAL ART (sculpture, pottery, stained glass, fiber art)
  7. OIL


Entries must be dry (no wet oil paintings!).
All hanging entries must be gallery wrapped canvas or framed (dimensions no larger than 40 inches on either side).
Canvases and frames must include SCREW EYES AND WIRE or they will not be displayed.  NO ADHESIVE OR SAW-TOOTHED HANGERS.


All sales are handled by the registrar.  A 15% commission will be charged and deducted from the sales price.  If your work is not for sale, please indicate NFS (Not For Sale) on the entry form and label.