51st Annual Art Student Show Award Winners

The Badlands Art Association displayed over 400 pieces of student art during the 2021 51st Annual Fall Art Show.

Students competed in four categories: PK- 3rd, 4th – 6th, 7th – 9th, and 10th – 12th grades for first, second, third and honorable mention ribbons.

Judges also awarded special category prizes:  Artful Natural Earth , Austin Cole Memorial, Women Empowering Women, and Most Innovative.

Best of Show was Kayla Gierke, “Bull Skull”, and Judges Choice was Maria Mayer, “Keeper of Stories”.

Most Innovative was awarded to both Marly Barnett, “A Retired Military Veteran” and Samara Yonker, for “King Dragon”. Artful Natural Earth prizes were Flowers and Plants, Alana Bagley “Bumblebee”; Mammals, Shaylynn Gunsch “Fluff-O-Cows”; Bird, Kira Zeller “American Eagle”; Insect, Elena Peterson “Grasshopper”; Aquatic Life, Ella Christenson “Untitled”. The Austin Cole Memorial awards were given to Maya Wonnenberg “Head in Clouds”, Shayla Krebs “Wanda Vision”, Adylaine Hacker “Past”, and Jessa Mavity “Sunray  of Flowers”.

In the 10th through 12th division, first place was awarded to Trevor Benally, “Trail of Tears”; second Burkley Luchi, “ Compulsive”; and third Anna Klein” Album Cover”.

Honorable mention ribbons were given to Kassidy Kraft, “Remembrance”; Alana Bagley, “Steam Punk Raven; Grace Ververka, “The Bee”; Mandy Zahn, “Living on a Thousand Worlds”; Paige Wolf, “Skyline”; D’Artagan Hecker, “Copper Highlights”; Landon Reynolds, “Slim Jim”; Sterling Toos, “Beautifully Twisted”; Sterling Toos, Banana Chicken”; Kayla Gierke, “Lion”; Keira Rambousek, “Thinking in Color”; Taylynn Collingwood, “Sunset Lake”; Taylynn Collingwood, “Locked Away”; Sofia Schantz, “USA Rose”; Molly Robb, “Bits and Pieces; Aylssa Schutt, Corpse Bride”; Taryn Askin, “Bob Ross”; Hannah Schantz, “Native Beauty”; Hannah Schantz, “Danger Boy Deegan”; McCay Mohl, “Luka”; Zofia Dostal, “Evening Landscape”; Joey Breitzman, “Jiji in the Afternoon”; Sterling Toos, “Baby Ostrich”; Shaylynn Gunsch, “Tiger Lily”; Anna Klein, “Goat Skull”; Grace Ververka, “Behind the Smile”; Sterling Toos, “Show Fox”; Paige Wolf, “Space Man”; Mandy Zahn, “Hazel Mae; Heather Cabral, “Where’s My Color”; Lily Hickel, The Shop”; Leah Hager, “My Imagination”; Nick Deschamp, “Monochromatic Panda”; Keira Rambousek, “Stuck in a Cycle”; Tarence Dillinger “It’s Nacho Time”; Hannah Hoff, “California Vibes”; Grace Nantt, “After Monet”; Shayla Krebs, “Jolly Ol’ Santa”; Sterling Toos, “Winnie the Pooh”.

In the middle school division grade 7 through 9th; first place was awarded to Rainey Zettle, “Reflection”; second Leila Gregoire, “Determined”; and third Addison Dahmus, “Rose”. Honorable mention ribbons were awarded to Willow Robertson Kitzman, “Untitled”; Shay Burian, “Wanderer’s Flora”; Sadie Kuntz, “Space Magic”; Maya Wonnenberg, “Under My Skin”; Annabel Scheeler, “Circus”; Melissa Zach, “Lion”; Marly Barnett, “Jamal Jay”;  Aubrey Powers, “Blue Bird”; and Elena Peterson, “Dragon”.

In the grades 4th through 6th division; first place was awarded to Tabitha Haag, “Happy Place”; second to Lathan Hazen, “Rabbit”; and third place to Maci Wanner, “Starry Night”. Honorable Mention ribbons were given to Missy Olsen, “The Blue Tree; Missy Olsen, “Dipping Tree”; Charlie Wyman, “The Farm”; Jamie Hays, “Lost Seal”; Brystol Belland, “Birch Canoe”; Dillan Binstock, “Moonlit Titanic”; Jett Oe, “Red Winged Blackbird”; Ali Schettler, “Dot Sculpture”; Zoey Brown, “Moonlit Lake”; Isabelle Love, “Sunflowers”; Bella Emile, “Bissa Bird & Waterfall”; Zoey Brown, “Skeleton”; Abby Cook, “My Starry Night”; Navi Maier, “Mystical Water”; Leo Harmon, “Sunflowers”; Marek Ficek, “Sunset of the Panzer”; Marek Ficek, “Typewriter Type”; Harlee Tescher, “Rainbow Buffalo”; Alea Paluck, “Pieces”; Aspen Eckelberg, “Aboriginal Dots”; Maci Wanner, “Moonlight”; Claire Shypkoski, “American Horse”; Olivia Weller, “Lion”; Kylee Sickler, “Horse”; Kylee Sickler, “Bunny in the Tulips”; Adriane Wald, Moonlight Rover”; Victoria Zettle, “Happy Mushrooms”; and Nallie Olson, “Demon Triplets”.

In grades PK through 3rd division; first place was awarded to Trey Sickler, “Horse”; second to Emerson Sickler “Geese”; and third to Casper Haag, “It’s A Boy”. Honorable Mention ribbons were given to Hannah Klym, “Untitled”; Kalish Rood, ”Untitled”; Hannah Binstock, “Beautiful Butterfly”; Thaer Hussein, “Solar System”; Lillian Hackney, “Shape-a-rific”; Violet Wing, “Evening Unicorn”; Coy Kessel, “The Chicken”; Casper Haag, “Buggy”; Kamden Klauser, “Flowers”; Avery Ho, “The Badlands”; Keegan Yankush, “Untitled”; Jan Harmon, “Van Gogh Flowers”; Lee Wright, “The Light in the Sky”; Ella Brown, “Cactus”; Ira Haag, “Rhino”; Tyler Blauer, “Crunchy Yellow Leaves”; Lucy Adams, “Night of the Dragon”; and Lelly Brown, “Birch Trees”.

The Badlands Art Association wishes to thank the student show judges Elizabeth Henderson and Rebecca Ferderer.