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Badlands Art Association 52nd Annual Art Show

2022 Fall Extravaganza of Art

November 11-17, 2022

Prairie Hills Mall, Dickinson, North Dakota

This year The Badlands Art Association will be celebrating its 52nd Annual Art Show with a change in format and location.

NEW Format! NEW Location!

The show will be held in the Prairie Hills Mall (in the former White Drug location) along with Empty Bowls and The Festival of Trees.

Set up and hand-delivered artworks will take place on Thursday, November 10th.

You can download the entry form here. Or, pick up a copy at the Dickinson Public library, and JP Frame Shop in Dickinson.

Important dates and more information about the show can be found on the Annual Show Page.

2022 Badlands Art Summer Art Workshop

2022 BAA Summer Art Workshop

Charcoal Pours and Wire Drawing  Workshop with Karen Knutson
Thursday – Saturday June 23–25, 2022
Trinity High School, Dickinson, ND.

Karen is a highly sought-after workshop instructor and an award-winning artist. The workshop with Karen is actually THREE workshops rolled into one exciting weekend!

Karen paints in mixed media, trying to make her paintings fun and easy. Known for her jazzy colors and semi-abstract designs, she teaches watercolor-and-collage workshops across the country.

Her teaching style is playful and relaxed, and her explanations are accessible and easy to follow.

Day 1: Charcoal Pours
Day 2: Painting and Collage
Day 3: Painting Landscapes

Open to high school students through adults.
Downloaded details: Karen_Knutson Summer Workshop PDF

K-12 Teachers can receive 1 CEU credit from UND. Enroll for credits on the UND Professional Development website:

You can also find out more about Karen on her website.

Hello Western North Dakota Artists

Happy new year everyone.

A few of the fine art events from the Badlands Art Association January 2022 Newsletter posted here:

Inspire your inner artist this year. Consider a BAA membership and connect with a community of art lovers and artists. Find our more about a BAA Membership by clicking here.

BAA 2022 Events

BAA Summer Workshop June

Members have early registration for the Karen Knutson Charcoal Pours and Wire Drawing workshop in Dickinson, ND. Workshop dates are June 23 through June 25, 2022

Joachim Regional Museum Community Art Show January

Artists may bring their art pieces to the Museum from Jan 18th to 25th. The Museum is accepting all mediums and pieces should not be too large as the gridwork standards are 36” x 48” wide. Artists are limited to 7 pieces of art and the art must be framed/matted and ready to hang with a sturdy hanging system. There are some small display cases for ceramics, pottery or other 3D pieces. The museum will create exhibit labels and if artists want to include a statement for a piece they may include it as well. If artists want to bring their business cards, the museum will also put those out.

If the pieces are for sale they can let the museum know when they come to drop them off and fill out the paperwork. Contact with questions.

Annual ND Student Juried Art Show March

The Taube Museum of Art is pleased to announce that the Annual North Dakota Student Juried Art Show will be at the Dickinson Museum Center from March 3rd through April 18th. There are a select group of 84 pieces of student artwork from across the state of North Dakota on display.

Student art from kindergarten through 12th grade are divided into the following grade categories: K – 3, 4 – 6, 7 – 8, and 9 – 12. The artwork is hung salon style, which creates a visually stunning wall to ceiling art experience.

Come view the creations by North Dakota’s finest, up and coming artists. Dickinson will be the last time that these pieces will be able to be viewed in 2022.

Read the full newsletter here Members BAA-January2022 newsletter

BAA Award Winners 51st Annual Art Show

The Badlands Art Association is pleased to announce the award winners in both the Professional and Amateur divisions of the 51st Annual Fall Extraganza of Art.

In the Professional division artist competed  for first, second, third and honorable choice ribbons and prizes in eight  categories: acrylic painting, dimensional art, drawing, mixed media, pastel painting, watercolor painting, oil painting and photography.

In the acrylic category, first place was awarded to Tresa R. Griffin “Ferris Ulvent, the Norwegian Husky”, second and place was awarded to Cherie Roshau for “Zander the Rooster with an Attitude”, and “Badlands Royalty”.

Earning honorable mention ribbons were Helen Campbell “A Time to Reflect”, Tresa R. Griffin “Meet Otto”, Ryan Schaefer “Happy Place”, LuAnn Senescall “Keegan’s Flowers”, Cameron Brown “Tickets to My Downfall”, Janelle Brackel “Lake Tschida Bluff”, Tresa R. Griffin “The Witch’s Eye”, Elizabeth Henderson “Sail After the Storm”, and Cherie Roshau “Sacagawea with Lewis and Clark”.

Dimensional art ribbon awardees were, first place Twig Zahn “#43 vase”, second and third place Gretchen Peterson “Blue Bird Box” and “Joey Sackanickels”, an honorable mention ribbon to Twig Zahn for “#34 Vase”.

First place ribbon in drawing was awarded to Derek Huether “Angelia”, second to Jamie Karsky “Ready to Go”, and third to Donovan Slag “Clair de Lune”, with honorable mention ribbons going to Bob Thomas “Guardian Angel”, Antony Nelson “Coming Out of the Dark”, and Jamie Karsky “On the Bit”.

In the mixed media category first and second place ribbons were given to Janelle Stoneking for “Resilience” and  “Doll”, Aaron Anderson won third place with “Furcifer” and honorable mention ribbons were given to Tina Schloss “In the Window”, and Weston Voss “The Day the World Changed”.

Oil painting the first-place ribbon was awarded to Larry Maslowski “Copper and Apples”, second place Antony Nelson “American Kestrel”, and third place to Daphne Clark “A Girl and Her Dog”. Honorable mentions were given to Heather Adam “The Prairie Mood”, Larry Maslowski “July 4th, 2118”, and Carol Retterath “A Day in Medora”.

Pastel painting first place ribbon was awarded to Marcia Sickler “Amazing Grace”, second place to Barbara Nechiporenko “Prairie Road”, and third place to Daphne Clark “Grace”.

Photography ribbon awardees were, first place Austin Stockert “Avatar”, second Carla Leland “Away to Me”, and third place to Rachel Malelky Teller of Stories”. Honorable mention ribbons were given to Sabrina Dolezal “Timeless Freedom”, Carla Leland “Light ‘er Up”, Bob Thomas “Foggy Friday” and Austin Stockert “17th and Lafayette”.

In the watercolor category first place  was awarded to Carla Rustad “Faithful”, Cameron Brown “King of the Prairie”, and third place LuAnn Senescall “Tiny Town”. Honorable mentions went to Antony Brown “6 Sails”, and Cameron Brown “Cone Flower”. Best of Show in the Professional division was awarded to Janelle Stoneking “Resilience”.

Amateur division consisted of five categories: dimensional art, drawing/ pastel, painting, mixed media, and photography.

Ribbons in dimensional art were first place Kirk Maize “Big Leaf Maple Vase”, Samantha Wohletz “Bowl”, Keisha Sparks “Belongs to a FCS Teacher”, and honorable mention to Rebecca Ferderer “Love Unadulterated”.

In drawing/pastel Linda Maize was first place with “Falls Palette”, second was Hannah Hardy “Avocado”, third was Crystal Fahlsing “The Sassy Bossy”, and Natalie Gessele won honorable mention ribbons for “Little Joe” Cartwright”, and “Ballerina I”.

The awardees in mixed media were first place Martie Kenitzer “Bloom”, Mark Reis “Happy Holidays to All”, third place Tyler Patterson “Teddy’s Park”, and honorable mention to Linda Maize “Sunflower Vase”.

Painting award winners were first place Hannah Hardy “Still Life”, second Kathleen Stromstad “Anda”, and third Kent Van Ells “Swans by the Palace”. Honorable mention ribbons were awarded to Judith Johnson “Spring Thaw”, Steve Yost “Mr. Rabbit”, Kent Van Ells “Giant”, Kirsten Schmitt “Americas First Motorcycle”, Kathleen Stromstad “The Lone Tree”, Mary Helfrich “Glory”, Chantel Fugere “ Go with the Flow”, Jessica Dukart “Opposites Attract”, and James Cannata “Morning Peaks”.

In photography Dayna Blauer was first with “Our Happy Place”, second Briana Papineau “Flow and Flourish”, and third Ruth Heley “Makoshika Shadows”. Honorable mention ribbons were awarded to; Carrie Kovask “Road Less Traveled”, Kristen Schmitt “Attitude”, Amanda Wright “Twisted Tree”, and Jen Wyckoff “Teedie’s Retreat”.

Women Impowering Women awarded the amateur ribbon to Chantel Fugere “ Mint Jelly Dream”.

The judges best of show Amateur division was awarded to Hannah Hardy for “Portrait”.

51st Annual Art Student Show Award Winners

The Badlands Art Association displayed over 400 pieces of student art during the 2021 51st Annual Fall Art Show.

Students competed in four categories: PK- 3rd, 4th – 6th, 7th – 9th, and 10th – 12th grades for first, second, third and honorable mention ribbons.

Judges also awarded special category prizes:  Artful Natural Earth , Austin Cole Memorial, Women Empowering Women, and Most Innovative.

Best of Show was Kayla Gierke, “Bull Skull”, and Judges Choice was Maria Mayer, “Keeper of Stories”.

Most Innovative was awarded to both Marly Barnett, “A Retired Military Veteran” and Samara Yonker, for “King Dragon”. Artful Natural Earth prizes were Flowers and Plants, Alana Bagley “Bumblebee”; Mammals, Shaylynn Gunsch “Fluff-O-Cows”; Bird, Kira Zeller “American Eagle”; Insect, Elena Peterson “Grasshopper”; Aquatic Life, Ella Christenson “Untitled”. The Austin Cole Memorial awards were given to Maya Wonnenberg “Head in Clouds”, Shayla Krebs “Wanda Vision”, Adylaine Hacker “Past”, and Jessa Mavity “Sunray  of Flowers”.

In the 10th through 12th division, first place was awarded to Trevor Benally, “Trail of Tears”; second Burkley Luchi, “ Compulsive”; and third Anna Klein” Album Cover”.

Honorable mention ribbons were given to Kassidy Kraft, “Remembrance”; Alana Bagley, “Steam Punk Raven; Grace Ververka, “The Bee”; Mandy Zahn, “Living on a Thousand Worlds”; Paige Wolf, “Skyline”; D’Artagan Hecker, “Copper Highlights”; Landon Reynolds, “Slim Jim”; Sterling Toos, “Beautifully Twisted”; Sterling Toos, Banana Chicken”; Kayla Gierke, “Lion”; Keira Rambousek, “Thinking in Color”; Taylynn Collingwood, “Sunset Lake”; Taylynn Collingwood, “Locked Away”; Sofia Schantz, “USA Rose”; Molly Robb, “Bits and Pieces; Aylssa Schutt, Corpse Bride”; Taryn Askin, “Bob Ross”; Hannah Schantz, “Native Beauty”; Hannah Schantz, “Danger Boy Deegan”; McCay Mohl, “Luka”; Zofia Dostal, “Evening Landscape”; Joey Breitzman, “Jiji in the Afternoon”; Sterling Toos, “Baby Ostrich”; Shaylynn Gunsch, “Tiger Lily”; Anna Klein, “Goat Skull”; Grace Ververka, “Behind the Smile”; Sterling Toos, “Show Fox”; Paige Wolf, “Space Man”; Mandy Zahn, “Hazel Mae; Heather Cabral, “Where’s My Color”; Lily Hickel, The Shop”; Leah Hager, “My Imagination”; Nick Deschamp, “Monochromatic Panda”; Keira Rambousek, “Stuck in a Cycle”; Tarence Dillinger “It’s Nacho Time”; Hannah Hoff, “California Vibes”; Grace Nantt, “After Monet”; Shayla Krebs, “Jolly Ol’ Santa”; Sterling Toos, “Winnie the Pooh”.

In the middle school division grade 7 through 9th; first place was awarded to Rainey Zettle, “Reflection”; second Leila Gregoire, “Determined”; and third Addison Dahmus, “Rose”. Honorable mention ribbons were awarded to Willow Robertson Kitzman, “Untitled”; Shay Burian, “Wanderer’s Flora”; Sadie Kuntz, “Space Magic”; Maya Wonnenberg, “Under My Skin”; Annabel Scheeler, “Circus”; Melissa Zach, “Lion”; Marly Barnett, “Jamal Jay”;  Aubrey Powers, “Blue Bird”; and Elena Peterson, “Dragon”.

In the grades 4th through 6th division; first place was awarded to Tabitha Haag, “Happy Place”; second to Lathan Hazen, “Rabbit”; and third place to Maci Wanner, “Starry Night”. Honorable Mention ribbons were given to Missy Olsen, “The Blue Tree; Missy Olsen, “Dipping Tree”; Charlie Wyman, “The Farm”; Jamie Hays, “Lost Seal”; Brystol Belland, “Birch Canoe”; Dillan Binstock, “Moonlit Titanic”; Jett Oe, “Red Winged Blackbird”; Ali Schettler, “Dot Sculpture”; Zoey Brown, “Moonlit Lake”; Isabelle Love, “Sunflowers”; Bella Emile, “Bissa Bird & Waterfall”; Zoey Brown, “Skeleton”; Abby Cook, “My Starry Night”; Navi Maier, “Mystical Water”; Leo Harmon, “Sunflowers”; Marek Ficek, “Sunset of the Panzer”; Marek Ficek, “Typewriter Type”; Harlee Tescher, “Rainbow Buffalo”; Alea Paluck, “Pieces”; Aspen Eckelberg, “Aboriginal Dots”; Maci Wanner, “Moonlight”; Claire Shypkoski, “American Horse”; Olivia Weller, “Lion”; Kylee Sickler, “Horse”; Kylee Sickler, “Bunny in the Tulips”; Adriane Wald, Moonlight Rover”; Victoria Zettle, “Happy Mushrooms”; and Nallie Olson, “Demon Triplets”.

In grades PK through 3rd division; first place was awarded to Trey Sickler, “Horse”; second to Emerson Sickler “Geese”; and third to Casper Haag, “It’s A Boy”. Honorable Mention ribbons were given to Hannah Klym, “Untitled”; Kalish Rood, ”Untitled”; Hannah Binstock, “Beautiful Butterfly”; Thaer Hussein, “Solar System”; Lillian Hackney, “Shape-a-rific”; Violet Wing, “Evening Unicorn”; Coy Kessel, “The Chicken”; Casper Haag, “Buggy”; Kamden Klauser, “Flowers”; Avery Ho, “The Badlands”; Keegan Yankush, “Untitled”; Jan Harmon, “Van Gogh Flowers”; Lee Wright, “The Light in the Sky”; Ella Brown, “Cactus”; Ira Haag, “Rhino”; Tyler Blauer, “Crunchy Yellow Leaves”; Lucy Adams, “Night of the Dragon”; and Lelly Brown, “Birch Trees”.

The Badlands Art Association wishes to thank the student show judges Elizabeth Henderson and Rebecca Ferderer.