Workshops & Events

Workshops and Events

4-Day Painting Summer Workshop
“Explorations” with Karen Knutson
August 3 – 6, 2017

Location: Biesot Activities Center, Dickinson State University, Dickinson, ND

Thursday, August 3: “Using Stencils & Illusionary Painting” – Students will learn an easy way to create ghost imagery (illusionary), as if they can see through the birds! This is a good design class as well, because Karen describes how important it is to have a light pathway connect. Students will be doing the same painting on this day – making the learning easier. For finishing touches, students will use acrylic and stencils. Lots of fun! The only acrylic paint that you will need is white. Limited color choices also make this workshop a great color knowledge class. [Cost: $90]

Friday and Saturday, August 4 and 5: “Watercolor and Charcoal Pours” – Contour drawings make these paintings easy and a great adventure! Lots of tricks!!!! We’ll also be working with a charcoal pour as a preparation for our bird paintings. These paintings are meant to be fun loving and free. Watercolor and collage are added to create the whimsical bird paintings. Karen will demonstrate paintings crows or cardinals. There will be fun new ways to establish texture using collage papers and different surface treatments for special effects. [Cost: $180 – no “sharing”]

Sunday, August 6: “Wire Drawing” – This is Karen’s new great LOVE!!! Wire Drawing is a process where the students draw, kind of doing contour drawing, using a permanent marker. The reason that it is called “wire drawing” is that the end result resembles a wire sculpture. This is Karen’s favorite technique ever! It makes everyone a better drawer and is so meditative at the same time. Subject is the student’s choice. I’ve done wire drawings of birds, people, and animals. Students who have learned this technique say that it has changed their artwork and they are totally hooked! [Cost: $90]

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